What Does He Do

What Does He Do?

David Bisno - Lifelong Learning Classes

Dr. David Bisno, retired ophthalmologist, has studied the history of science at Cambridge University and constitutional law at the Harvard Law School and has earned degrees from Harvard College, Dartmouth College and the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. He has been actively engaged in leading interactive discussion groups since 1992 on the U.S. east and west coasts, in Aspen, Colorado, Anchorage, Alaska, in Salzburg, Austria, Cape Town, South Africa and in Melbourne, Australia.

Whether presenting a one-time lecture or leading a multi-session seminar group in spirited discussion, David brings great energy and enthusiasm to each group and elicits lots energy and enthusiasm regardless of the subject.

Whether a fascinating topic in the history of science and exploration or a provocative discussion of a Bill of Rights issue confronted by the Supreme Court, David makes sure to understand his participants and finely adjust the presentation so as to maximize discussion, understanding, appreciation and awe of the subject.

Everyone has fun.

Mountain View