Lifelong Learning Technique by David Bisno

David’s Techniques

2AAfter 25 years practicing ophthalmology and raising his family in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Bisno returned to New England where during two years at both Harvard University and Dartmouth College, he earned a Master’s Degree directed towards a second career in lifelong learning.

Observing teaching techniques, both good and bad, at each of the ivy league schools David continues to use that experience wisely in designing, shaping and presenting each of his subjects so as to be maximally effective. As a retired eye physician, Dr. Bisno likes to cause his students’ pupils to dilate with interest and excitement.

Whether a one-time lecture or a 3-5 day workshop, each encounter is carefully analyzed as to who will be the participants and then with that critical information in mind David methodically thinks through, designs and delivers a presentation planned to maximize individual critical thinking, thoughtful interaction
among participants and intellectual fun in the group.

David Bisno Lectures